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While in.code (project) is pioneering the way in preschool computational thinking, we saw the need to provide preschool teachers, homeschoolers and parents with resources that they can make use of right away without an unplanned financial outlay.

We have therefore spent some time creating unplugged lessons, that make use of items you already have in your classroom or at home, a little preparation reading through the lesson online and printing the the game activity pages provided. We have made these freely available to our Mailchimp subscribers!

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What’s the catch? We’re transparent in telling you that we have only two motives… the first is to serve you, we’ve seen the need and we were able to step in the gap and so we did. Secondly we’re working on something really exciting, a game changer in our already unique offering to pre-schools, and when that becomes available we want to be able to get the news out fast, to shout it out to a community, and so we’re growing that community.

Therefore in.code subscriber, we hope you find these game-based, unplugged, screen-less, computational thinking lessons for preschoolers helpful and of value to the great young minds under your care. Use them in your classrooms or in your home. We ask that you kindly not to share your user details or screenshot and distribute the resources we are making available to you, rather that you direct your friends and fellow teachers to our site where they can subscribe themselves and have access to lessons.

Be sure to check in regularly as we will be adding more free lessons on a monthly basis! Should you wish to share any feedback or requests on themes we encourage you to do so here.

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