About in.code(project)

Success in coding is not found in the solution, it is found in the process to get to the correct outcome.


The Relatomics Foundation is passionate about education and empowering the youth in Southern Africa. There has been much discussion and comparison of how South African education compares to international standards, with statistics showing that there is room for improvement in areas such as Mathematics and Science.

We believe that in order to have the greatest impact, change should begin at the foundation of learning with a focus on developing learners’ cognitive skills through computational thinking activities as well as the understanding that true success comes from ‘Grit’ – the ability to persevere in order to achieve the required outcome.

Internationally, research has shown that there is a global need for Computer Science graduates. There is a further need for diversity, both gender and cultural, within the field of Computer Science.

The in.code(project) aims to close these gaps by assisting in the implementation of computer science, from a foundational level, into the rich diversity of schools that South Africa has to offer.

The Team

Terri Cawood

Project Director

Terri is a passionate creative with great communication skills and experience with foundation phase learners. She is also a mother of two boys aged 6 and 8, who have been part of the in.code club since its’ inception. She is an experienced graphic designer of more than ten years and her duties include concept, layout, content creation, implementation and social media skills. She is currently facilitating coding classes from grade RR to grade 2.

Chris Habberton

Technical Director

Chris is an Information Technology educator who has a passion for incorporating code into foundational education. He believes that code is not only a vital skill that all people should understand, but that it is a powerful tool which can unlock the door to developing ‘gritty’ problem solvers who will impact the future South Africa.

Marsé van der Merwe

Operations Manager

Marsé completed her degree in Accounting, as well as her Postgraduate Certificate in Education, at Stellenbosch University, thereby combining her passions. She leverages her experience in education and languages with her unique expertise in accounting and mathematics.

Marsé is very adaptable and has explored a diverse range of work experiences and contexts to inform a unique perspective on the world. These work experiences always have people and social impact at the centre. She has been involved in various different projects across the impact management and measurement space, through which the main goal is optimization and maximization of positive impact.

Colin Habberton

Non Executive Director

Colin is a specialist in the fields of relationship management, loyalty programmes, social finance, social enterprise and online fundraising. He has assisted local and international for-profit and for-purpose organisations across a wide range of industries.

Gabrielle Habberton

Non Executive Director

Gabrielle is a specialist in the field of development practice, specifically in the areas of Organisational Development and Evaluation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Social Investment, Responsible or Impact Investment practice and Enterprise Development. She has extensive theoretical and practical experience, having worked in the sector since 2006.